New Limestone Review Publishes “The Convert”

Have you ever wondered whether those History Channel shows about Jesus have successfully converted anyone to Christianity? Meet Judith. Read my story about Judith’s struggles with faith, marriage, and her own personal demons (pun intended) in New Limestone Review.

Excerpt from “The Convert”:

Judith starts believing in God after watching the History Channel special, “The Real Face of Jesus.” She sits alone in her living room, the television projecting faint blue holograms onto the coffee table’s mahogany surface. On the screen, x-rays of the controversial Shroud of Turin stack on top of one another, a battered face emerging from the folds through centuries of dried blood and gore. When the narrator explains how this lifelike image of Jesus Christ was achieved using a process of reverse photography—a technology that clearly did not exist 2,000 years ago—Judith feels what can only be tritely described as a spark running through her gut. The electric God current. How else can this be possible, other than by divine intervention?

The spoon slips from Judith’s fingers and clatters against the bowl, splattering melted ice cream onto her cashmere robe.

 “Holy shit,” she whispers.

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